Above : Luke Olsen, Jesse Randzio and Aaron Chetwynd (SummerMAKE 2012 : Symphony)

Luke Olsen is a registered Architect, Educator and Founder of the AA ShortMAKE Courses at Hooke Park, including SummerMAKE, LociMAKE, and MAKELab;  He has worked in the US, Ireland and across Great Britain on a variety of innovative building projects. These include the Kings-Cross Gas-Holder Triplet Skyscraper and Alpine House with Wilkinson Eyre Architects; Brain-controlled movies exhibited in Victoria Miro Gallery and award-winning timber church for the Oglala Sioux Tribe of Pineridge, South Dakota with BVH. He is currently Coordinator of Architecture Technology Year 3 Degree at the Bartlett School of Architecture;  MArch Architecture Technology Course Leader at the University of Greenwich and Founder of his architecture company Gen(Epsilon)ltd.

Aaron Chetwynd is a qualified  RIBA Chartered Architect who trained at the Architectural Association. He worked in Malaysia for CS Lim Architects during the South East Asian economic boom on a variety of hotel, leisure and retail projects. In addition, he also worked in the British Film Industryas an Art Director on many feature films and television productions. Of note, Aaron has worked for Branson Coates Architecture in London on many high-profile projects including public buildings, works of art, sculptures, international retail plus restaurants.  

Jess Randzio graduated from the AA in 2009. He was the recipient of the 2007 AV Custerson Award to promote the use of timber at Hooke Park and has been involved with the design and construction of the first three AA additions to the Hooke Park architecture collection (Summer Pavilion 06, Crossings Bridge, A Separate Place). Prior to the AA he studied at Colby College, built theatre stage sets in Maine, and worked for Bumpzoid, designing small projects in New York City and designed theatre stage sets in Maine.  He currently designs and builds deep energy renovations of old housing stock in America.

Charlie Corry Wright is Hooke Park’s workshop tutor. He has worked in forestry, furniture making and traditional timber framing. He studied Forest Manufacturing at Hooke Park in 1990, and has lived in the forest with his family since 1994, when he moved on site to help build Westminster Lodge. Since 2002 he has overseen all of the AA’s workshop activity at Hooke.

Additional Tutors are brought onto the course as the course develops and the design requires specialist skills.  Also esteemed guest tutors are invited to review the work at various stages on the course.