SummerMAKE 2014 - 20 Transporting the Dangerous Dwellingsite

This year we want to connect more directly with the live Hooke Park forest by working with living trees.  Participants are asked to design, make and live in their own living cabaña that grows symbiotically and mimetically with trees.  Skills and techniques are taught, mentored and refined with 1:1 tuition by expert architects, timber specialists and fabricators.  Processes include steam-bending a living tree, round wood joinery, grafting, hybridisation, pleaching and other live tree modification techniques.

The Dwelling may take the form of a cabana / retreat / pod / pavilion / kiva / booth / vessel or palace in the forest. Participants do not require any specific technical skills but they should have a vivid imagination, a keen willingness to build and the dynamism to make a large timber structures as part of a team.

SummerMAKE 2015 is aimed primarily at architecture and design students who wish to experience the unique Hooke Park environment.  It is open to Undergraduate, Postgraduate and PHd students including those who are considering a change of school to the AA, as well as newcomers to architecture, generally just about anyone with an interest in making.

image above : Living Willow Structure – Auerworld Palace – Aeurstedt, Germany